“….the Holy Father and the Church wish CHARIS to be: an instrument that, like Mary, has no juridical or ministerial power, but is only of humble service and accompaniment. A ‘place’ where those who have experienced the current of grace of the new Pentecost put themselves at the service of others in the Church, so that they too can have the same renewing experience. A ‘place’ where those who have received freely, give freely.”

Fr. Raniero Cantalamessa O.F.M Cap.

Ecclesiastical Assistant of CHARIS

CHARIS is a Service for unity to the Catholic Charismatic Renewal, Cardinal Cantalamessa called it “a gift from Pope Francis”. It is a public juridical personality under the dicastery of Laity, Family and Life – bringing the Renewal into the heart of the Catholic Church.

CHARIS was established by Pope Francis, after 5 years of preparation and officially came into being at Pentecost 2019. The Prefect of Dicastery for Laity, Family and Life, Cardinal Kevin Farrell spoke on the Birth of Charis.

The main focus of CHARIS is communion of the realities of Catholic Charismatic Renewal and collaborative service to the Church in the power, love and grace of the Holy Spirit.


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a) To help deepen and promote the grace of baptism in the Holy Spirit throughout the Church;
b) To promote the exercise of charisms not only in Catholic Charismatic Renewal but also in the whole Church;
c) To encourage the spiritual deepening and holiness of people who live the experience of baptism in the Holy Spirit;
d) To encourage commitment to evangelization, particularly through the new evangelization and the evangelisation of culture, while respecting religious freedom;
e) To encourage cooperation between communities born from Catholic Charismatic Renewal, with a view making the experience of particular communities available for the good of all;
f) To promote the ecumenical dimension of Catholic Charismatic Renewal and foster the commitment to serving the unity of all Christians;
g) To identify and promote specific topics that can help deepen the grace of Pentecost;
h) To encourage networking and cooperation between realities within Catholic Charismatic Renewal in the areas of formation, evangelization etc.;
i) To promote service of the poor and social action through Catholic Charismatic Renewal;
j) To organize training and formation opportunities, according to the needs expressed by the General Assembly;
k) To enable clerics and religious to deepen their experience of Catholic Charismatic Renewal and to participate more fully in it;
l) To foster communion: among persons involved in various realties within Catholic Charismatic Renewal; with ecclesial movements that do not refer to this current of grace; and with other Christian Churches and Communities, especially those living the experience of Pentecost;
m) To organise major events, colloquia, leader’s gatherings, in order to share and exchange the various experiences flowing from the Holy Spirit.

CHARIS NATIONAL SERVICE OF COMMUNION NEW ZEALAND has a Chaplain appointed by the Bishop’s Conference, Coordinators of the five Diocesan Service of Communion, National Leaders of the various Catholic Charismatic Ministries and Communities.  The New Zealand statutes are in line with CHARIS International statutes.

A vision of CHARIS NZ as being like the rivers of New Zealand; the mighty Waikato, the braided Canterbury rivers, plus all the rivers and streams flowing throughout New Zealand, including those from which hydro power is generated. Charis-NZ serves this flow of grace – the flow of the Holy Spirit across our nation. Just as the pylons stretch for miles and take power to substations for distribution to all. Diocesan Current of Grace Services of Communion are like substations connecting ministries, prayer groups, communities – many already existing; to work together, through the power of the Holy Spirit, to bring all people into a personal relationship with Jesus and the Father who love every individual unconditionally.

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CURRENT OF GRACE (DIOCESE) SERVICE OF COMMUNION is like a fruit bowl for the diocese, whereby all associated ministries, groups and communities are represented as individual fruit – each maintaining their own flavour – vision, mission and goals. It is a collaborative service to the diocese in the power, love and grace of the Holy Spirit with a Chaplain who is appointed by the Bishop.


Charis nz Mission

Our ultimate mission is to mainstream Baptism in the Holy Spirit which supernaturally equips every individual with gifts/charisms to fulfil their baptismal mission.

Charis nz Vision

That all will come to know and experience God’s love through the power of the Holy Spirit; enabling love of God, self and others from which service and unity flows.

Charis NZ Purpose